Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Why he Choose The Village Girl Over You: - Must Read

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He tells you that he admires your keeping it real-especially with the way you puff the smokes with the boys (he and his friends) and guzzle down everybody bottle of alcohol that is passed round –almost like you can hit the bottle better than the boys. All these (plus your gymnastics ‘know how’ on bed) are the reasons he is absolutely crazy about your person…so he tells you!

Yet, when it was time for him to pick a wife…he went for a lady that doesn’t even touch the bottle and can’t stand the smoke-let alone touching it. He went for a lady that he’s had to quit smoking to even get her attention…a lady who doesn’t have to wear waywardness as a label to net a husband.

Quit beefing o. He never told you that his admiration of your free-ness (of attitude) made him consider you a wife material for one day. Your ways probably satiate his fantasy (besides he has nothing to lose by tolerating you and chopping the other one that you are good at throwing in too) but when he came back to reality…he made his decision. And since you could so carry yourself as one of the boys-tell me why he should marry his fellow man?

If all your efforts were for him to see that you can make a good ‘marital companion’. I suggest you retrace your steps and learn (instead) those traits that make a lady a wife material –incase a husband material comes your way but if you have no qualms with your ways-then carry on (and do not mind Oby and her noise). The beauty of life is that everyone has the tendency to come across someone who may have no qualms tolerating his/her warts and all…someone who will take you home for the very reasons that another dumped you!

In their wandering days (when they have nothing to lose)…a lot of men can romance a wild girl but when reality beckons-they will not touch her with a ten foot pole. They know who to take home to Mama. values become top in their priority list. That is also when you will realize that all that his liberal ways is a fa├žade of sorts because he really does not have anything to lose…at least not yet. And if you dare make the mistake of trapping him with pregnancy…you might as well kiss any chances of ‘happiness’ in that union good bye-that is, if he doesn't even walk right over you to the one he feels-is his dream woman.

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