Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Food recipe :Masa /Waina ... Happy Ramadan kareem

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                                Masa with miyan taushe sauce
Happy Ramadan kareem to all my Muslim blog readers.  So here's a sure food to help you along the fast journey. Have  you ever eaten or seen the local delicacy masa especially eaten in Northern Nigeria and wondered how it was made.  So here's the recipe. Just follow the simple steps below. 

Ingredients :
1.Rice (the short grains used for making tuwon shinkafa)- Half boiled, Half raw.
2. Yeast
3. Potash
4. Water
5. Salt
6. Sugar
7. Oil
8. Onions and pepper are optional

Process :

1. Soak d raw rice in water overnight, grind afterwards  till smooth. 

2.Add the soft-boiled rice as well as your potash, sugar, salt and yeast which must have been dissolved in some warm water. 

3. Put your batter in a large bowl, cover and set aside for some hours. Thereafter,scoop and  fry till golden brown. It's best eaten with either 'yaji' or miyan taushe.

N:B There's a special pan to fry the  masa cakes or just use a frying pan and fry like you would pancakes. 
I love my Masa sprinkled with some sugar too. 
So try it and Let's see how  yours turns out.

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